Art files can be submitted in the following formats:


Adobe® Illustrator® (for copy etc.)

Adobe® InDesign®

Adobe® Photoshop® (for .eps, .tiff and linked images) minimum resolution of 300dpi, CMYK


Quark Xpress™

PDF (to be supplied with every art file)

- include all fonts used in document (screen and printer fonts).

- include all links used in the art file (.eps, .tiff etc. even if embedded)

- to avoid font issues, outline / vector art may be sent.

- supply art with trim marks and clearly indicate dieline.

- required colours should be clearly marked on art file, delete unused colours from the palette.

- minimum line weights of .25 pt (.003")

- indicate if barcode is to be replaced.

- white ink should be coloured to be visible and shown on a separate layer.


Send files via:

Email (email uploads should be compressed with StuffIt or ZipIt 4MB max.), FTP, DVD, CD, Zip Disks and always indicate name of printer.